Partner a Master: Artist Mentor Program

We have had a very successful year with our programs gaining strong support from leading schools, students and parents in India. To further increase children’s critical creative thinking, we are launching a nine month long Artist Mentorship Program from July 2012 – March 2013.


The objective of this program is to expose students to contemporary art. Selected students from leading schools of Delhi and Mumbai, will get an unique opportunity to interact and train under established, leading successful Indian artists. The following internationally renowned artists have agreed to support Art1st objectives of furthering art education:

  • Archana Hande
  • Arunkumar HG
  • Asim Waqif
  • Atul Bhalla
  • Jagannath Panda
  • Justin Ponmany
  • Manjunath Kamat
  • Prajakta Potnis
  • Reena Kallat
  • Saba Hasan
  • Sharmila Samant
  • Shilpa Gupta
  • Tushar Joag
  • Vibha Galhotra

These artists have also graciously agreed to coach the students, every Saturday, in their own studios. This would be a first hand experience of artists’ creative spaces and how great works of art are conceived and created which will immensely help the participants develop their own visual thinking abilities.

The entire program will be documented and the students’ works will be chronicled and published in a book as well as exhibited in a leading professional gallery. Participating schools will also have the opportunity to host these works as part of a moving exhibition. 

Our partners in this venture are Mohile Parikh Center in Mumbai and by Art Motif in Delhi.

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