Sharmila Samant: USE- REFUSE – REUSE


 Sometimes certain events and situations are connected and interwoven in unusual ways but the links remain latent till we consciously re-look for associations. Sharmila Samant challenged the boundaries within which we think, and literally extracted from us connections, causes and correlations between unrelated images that we had collected for the project.

From the pool of images, video clips, photographs that we liked and disliked we had to find a common theme or a recurring emotion that connected the disparate, disjointed images.

We had an array of images ranging from shots of cookies and milk, Pink Floyd, best friends, a man diving into clear water, syringes, cat, and honeybee on a flower to Sherlock Holmes.


Our group, after much deliberation, realised that immense happiness was the common thread tying up most of our pictures. Below is the script we came up with. Read on….


I’m standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower, looking down I see a million people, all following their decided paths, and destinies amidst a maze of chaos. But then I look up and everything else is irrelevant. Drifting cities of pristine white clouds graze my fingertips as I stand on tiptoe and stretch up. The sky is everything, the only thing I comprehend, the only things I sense.

Deep in the ocean, underwater, I can’t hear a thing, the silence is deafening. I lock myself like a womb. I feel only the water and my skin. I see bubbles coming out of my nose, maybe I’m still breathing.

Alone on a table for four. The rain streaming down the windowpane is haste, the sky is grey, the day is brown. My tea is a darker shade of brown, black. Steam unfurls from the mug. I smile, the sweet smell hits my head. Then I taste for the first time.

I watch my legs step up, onto the crowded train. I feel my mind regard and disregard the people around me. I sense the one drop of sweat trickle down my nose, my hand reaching up to push my hair from my face. My heart through my ears hears only the thundering lull of the rail’s heart breaking, underneath the wind howling through this locomotive strength. Once- a -week joy. 

It’s something I do everyday. It’s something everyone does everyday but it’s still very personal. It’s inbuilt. It’s a gateway to some other land. Forget all your tiredness or feel more tired after. Something even scientists struggle to understand. It’s sleep. 


An excerpt of the project by Trisha Salvi, 18 years, A student at Tridha, Mumbai


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