Art Lab on the move!


Haaste Haaste Kat Jaye Raste

Badmash Company

Haathi mera Saathi

Mauj, Masti

Ulta Pulta



Aazad Panchi

Kancha Party

Thoughts kept rolling and we found it difficult to contain it. If you haven’t guessed it till now then let us tell you our plan.

Imagine the look on the faces of children- in remote areas around Mumbai (as of now), the slums, underprivileged children, pediatric division at the cancer hospital, orphanages- if we arrive with our colourful carnival for everyone to enjoy!

A total time pass for everyone, artists and children alike. A day to let go and immerse in the colours of life. A day to forget all your worries and enjoy the joy of childhood. A day to remember that life is beautiful.

The goal is simple. Reach out to as many kids in areas where they have little access to such simple pleasures of diving into their world of imagination and give them creative freedom, resources and support to follow their ideas and interests.

Welcome to our world of TIMEPASS! Watch this space for more…


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