The Wall & Sanyaa Mehrotra

I now feel incredibly stupid about this, but when I first heard of street art and tried to connect spray paints to walls, what came to my mind, were the ‘I love you, please take me back’ notes sprayed on the jammed flyovers and crowded streets of our city.

This was until I saw a compilation of Daku’s work. I sat there with my mouth literally hanging open. I was flabbergasted at this form of art and I was in awe of Daku.

 This man’s gallery is the Aam Admi street. The streets that are usually painted by piss and sprayed by chewed paan (beetle leaves), he manages to transform into something beautiful. I had a mental transformation and was flabbergasted by not only his works but also the hidden meaning they had.

I realized how drawn all of us were to his work and how they helped generate curiosity within us due to their illegal and delinquent nature. It is street art that represents the desire to change, and our fight to break the chains that have us bound. We had an incredible opportunity to work with this mad genius and we created a big piece at Hauz Khaus Village in Delhi.


Every person might have a different interpretation of what we’ve done but for me it’s a world view of humanity, of being one, and standing up for the right. We’re free birds, we are the colours of tomorrow. We define everything finite with infinity. For all that exists is perfectly flawed. A perfect creation of God, flawed for us.

 Daku has inspired me like nobody else has. Even after a ligament tear in my ankle at the end of our wall-painting-session (because of which I literally had to be dragged across HKV by my friends to the parking lot), it was one of the best experiences I’ve had, and probably will ever have, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

So inspired was I that I not only painted my wall at home but a couple of professional spaces along with a book cover and a laptop cover.


Sanyaa Mehrotra is a student of Delhi Public School, Delhi and was a part of Partner a Master: artist mentor program. Her piece is on artist/mentor: DAKU



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