Our Open Minds Book Club session in Delhi with Anubhav Nath

In our Open Minds Book Club session for the month of January participants discoursed around A Whole New Mind Why Right Brainers Will Rule the Future by Daniel H. Pink. The session, facilitated by Anubhav Nath; who is a curator, art philanthropist and Director of Ojas Art, New Delhi. The session saw teachers’ reason about how the right brainers are reigning supreme in the times.


Daniel H. Pink’s book is engaging and stimulating, that premises its basic argument around the right-brainers turning the tables and laying supreme control in the age of the ‘art and heart’. He lays optimum stress on the future belonging to a ‘different’ mind. According to him the times of sway of the left-brain are long over, making heavy leeway for the right-brain qualities to take over. Pink very suavely uses the two hemispheres of the brain to underline the nuances of the ‘cerebral engagement’ of the brain.

Pink very categorically states that the ‘right-brain’ qualities will ‘now determine who flourishes and who flounders”. He highlights that professional success and personal fulfilment can be rightly accomplished by a whole new mind. Setting the tone of the various ages man had straddled through Pink focuses on trends in the economy that which if addressed relevantly can have immense pertinence in the times of the Conceptual Age.


While discussing the second segment of the book the participants engaged with each one sense in novel ways with our facilitator. This portion looked at the aptitudes of design, story, symphony, empathy, play and meaning. Shuchi from Sanskriti School brought to the fore ways in which the right brain takes over teaching practices. She spoke about teaching chapters in science using poetry. Sancheta from The Shri Ram School, shared her experiences about teaching a math class using origami. The participants did some fun mind-tickling exercises that were a highpoint in the discussion.

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