Tushar Joag | Artist-Mentor

Tushar Web Image-01

As an artist, Tushar Joag has been consciously taking it upon himself to bring to the fore socio-political issues afflicting people at large. In the public realm, he allows his artistic expression, through intervention, to speak the language of the common man.

Tushar was born in Bombay in 1966. He studied at the J.J School of Art and then studied sculpture at the M.S University of Baroda. His art and practice paves way for both his aesthetic practice and activist ideals to find rightful expression. Invoking some thought on the mundane but hard-hitting issues is what his artistry speaks for.

As a child, he recalls making drawings all the time. That is a memory from his childhood that lives with him when asked about his inclination towards the arts.

Public art therefore becomes synonymous with Tushar’s work. His works largely translate, transact and communicate community issues and values thereby depicting transformative ethics, generating public awareness and inciting questions in our minds over a ‘collective expression’.


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