Tushar Joag | Artist-Mentor for Art1st’s Partner a Master, Delhi

Taking cue from Tushar Joag’s history with graphic novels in his own extraordinary artistic stride, our artist-mentorship program, Partner a Master, saw the idea conjuring up its own nimble course with the students.

Tushar Web Image-04

Representations and illustrations of mind-mapped stories, everyday happenings and the banalities of existence have their own dynamics. Students were encouraged to think and arouse curiosity through their graphic novel.

Tushar Web Image-05

Students were ushered into the thinking mode, toying with the idea of a story for their own novella. Mulling over the plot of the story, they whipped up a scenario about the trials and tribulations that a woman has to endure in the world of beauty and glamour.

Tushar Web Image-02

Following that, Tushar initiated them into the technicalities and thematics that would be imminent in the ‘making’ of the illustrated novel. The ‘devices’ to be weaved into any story to achieve the final product, were turned over in their minds by our artist-mentor.


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