Partner a Master | Artist-Mentor Tushar Joag | Study of work

Tushar Web Image-03

Using art as a medium to spark discussions and deliberations over untoward political implications, Tushar used this public intervention art installation called Right to Dissent (2011) to create similar ripples.

The artist chose to stay within the confines of a small enclosed space of roughly 5 feet x 3 feet with a toilet at one end for six long days. He chose to be completely cut off from the outside world. Food and water was passed through from a tiny outlet within that space.

In the course of the period of his waking hours, Tushar endlessly wrote “I will not lose faith in the Indian democracy and judiciary”, in his notebooks. The artistic leap of faith was in a bid to pressurize the repeal the outdated sedition laws which had fettered the rights of public health activist Binayak Sen. Sen  a public health activist working in the tribal quarters for decades was wrongly accused of sedition and confined, later the charges were suspended on the orders of the Supreme Court.

Tushar Joag’s works largely bear a socio-political-economic commentary with more often than not a subtle use of satire.


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