Art1st Library | Book Review of Imagine a Place by Tanu Shree Singh, Professor of Psychology

Creativity is often ill defined. We tend to limit it to the ability to draw or write. Imagine a place by Sarah. L. Thomson and Rob Gonsalves is one of those books that attempts to give the reader a glimpse of what true creativity is – it is the flight of imagination, the freedom of spirit, the breaking of shackles of the conventional.


The book is written in beautiful verse egging the reader to let his imagination run wild, to let it guide him to places that are just within his reach if he lets himself be ruled by the free-flowing thoughts. Each page is accompanied by Gonsalves’ art depicting surreal landscapes and interiors. The seamless transformation of one landscape into another, of one idea to other is breathtakingly spectacular. Gonsalves uses tricks of perspective and transformation to create a visual treat. The words beautifully flow taking one from the real to the surreal – ‘Imagine a place…where time is counted by ticks and tocks but space is measured in sunset.’ The verse and the images complete each other. Every illustration is fairly detailed and got us trapped on each page for much longer than we had expected. The houses transforming into ships and lanterns turning into stars – they lead you to believe in the possibilities. All one needs to do to be creative is to accept the fluid nature of imagination, to be governed by it, and to believe in it.


We lead structured lives that are managed by schedules and alarms right down to the last minute. Imagine a place is a respite from that. It forces you to stop and lose yourself to be able to discover self. I always mull over age groups and struggle to fit books into neat categories. This one refused to go in any slot. It defiantly beckons all. So go ahead and give it a go. Chances are you will be imagining a place beyond the pages.


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