Ruchin Soni | Artist-Mentor

Ruchin Web Image-01

Cutting and crosscutting various mediums and techniques is what artist Ruchin Soni exemplifies through his endeavours in the field of art. A trained painter, illustrator, portraiture expert and street artist, Ruchin has had a wide gamut in terms of creative frontage.

He draws his artistic inspirations from his artist-parents and his tacit connection with Ahmedabad and Gujarat, where he was born and brought up in a very close-knit family. Family bonding and familial interactions has been intrinsic all along in his quest to discover the ‘artist’ in him.

The strong sense of rootedness that he tapped in because of the presence of his grandparents acted as a fulcrum that in turn resonates in his own artistic philosophy. His first memory of dabbling in art was when he made his grandfather’s portrait at the age of five.

While most of his childhood was spent with family at the helm of affairs, followed by the nascent years of pursuing painting and mural design at the M.S University at Baroda. This was followed by teaching art at Welham Girls’ School; after which he moved to Delhi. Ruchin also partakes in illustrating for children’s books as pedagogical assistance while also devising syllabi as teaching aid for school children. His wide choices in medium exploration include portraits in pencil, watercolour, oil, murals, storyboards and various illustrations.


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