Master Class: Exploring the Flat Wash techinque of our Master Artists!

FLAT- what does this word evoke in a child? A flat book, ceiling, fan, table, chair, cap of the bottle, mobile screen, flooring and mirror. Juxtapose this to how artists- Jamini Roy, Manjit Bawa and Tyeb Mehta– look at it. For them it is a technique of using colours without texture, something which is smooth.


On seeing Jamini Roy’s paintings they exclaimed at the big eyes and the outlines. Manjit Bawa’s paintings felt fresh because of the vibrancy of the colours and most of the subjects in his painting were human and an animal. The presentation ended with works of Tyeb Mehta– use of minimalism, thin outline, combination of human and animal mesmerised the children.




After seeing all the three artists, the kids started comparing the subjects – one was traditional, other modern realistic and last modern abstract. They also observed that the approach to flat technique was different for each artist.


Geared with different expressions of the same technique, the children practised the flat wash technique. They had to follow instructions- paint in one direction from left to right or right to left, focus on the consistency of the color and practice the use of light and dark colors. They drew two objects which according to them was flat and treated it with flat wash using two colors and making tones by adding black and white.



The session was marked with a lot of experimentation and hard work. And it payed off in the end!




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