Partner a Master | Artist-Mentor Ruchin Soni | Study of work

Ruchin Web Image-05

Artist-mentor Ruchin Soni was a part of a month-long art residency as Mexico in the year 2013. The mural was a creation of the same endeavour to propagate greater artistic exchange between Indian and Mexican art practitioners.

The imagery used in the mural was a result of the experiences and interactions that the artist underwent in the course of the time spent in Mexico. The phrase ‘es-ka-ke’ is ‘transacted’ from a public episode where two artists table their projects in hand and debate over it in the presence of a facilitator.

The mural, done in charcoal, is representative and symbolic of the personal socio-cultural encounters that the artist consummated. The story behind the mural has a strong performative element. The artist had tried to encapsulate the traditional healers and the Panchero dancers. Drawing dance and healing practices, the mural pays homage to the people and local practices of the land.


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