Arunkumar HG | Artist-Mentor

Arun Kumar Web Image-04

Artist Arunkumar HG’s philosophy lies in the artist’s own predicament, of unleashing the entrails of the green-organic environ/ habitat. Hailing from a family of farmers, Arunkumar HG is moulded to address anxieties tormenting the eco-system. He is well-versed and rooted in agrarian practices, therefore, inciting his memory and awareness to probe deeper into the dilemmas of food production.

His artistic muse is often by drawing parallels to his urban-rural transactions in his journey that have amounted to his leanings towards environmental consciousness in his work. Arunkumar HG travels back and forth from Karnataka to Delhi-NCR and he chooses to live in his village for a few months in a year to remain abreast with the practice.

Drawing closer attention to his farming and practice drills, Arunkumar having been steeped in the interiors of the Western Ghats, has been reinforcing the role of being the keepers of the environment. Arunkumar has stressed on the complete break in the linkage between farming practices and the upkeep of the environment and the ecological system. Underlining this complete crisis, his works tell the story of this germane issue.

For his own personal self and self-discovery, he feels that these issues need to be highlighted upon. They have their own sense of handiwork in throwing necessary light on the ecology, biodiversity and the crucial links these forge with the farming community which need to be in harmony so that no kind of imbalance sets in.

The feeling of belongingness that binds the artist with his childhood rearing in the farmlands while at the same time it’s paradoxical variance to setting right the dream that he has been pursuing through his practice spells most of his ignition points as an artist today.


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