Master Class: Exploring the Transparent technique of our Master Artists!

TRANSPARENT – What does this word signify to a child ? See-through, translucent , a glass and water. The children went a little further and thought of paper that had transparent quality like butter, tracing, gelatin, gift wrapping and kite

This set the expectations and we went on to explore works of Indian Masters who use transparent technique in their work. This technique would often add fluidity, dream like illusion to the artists work. Artist Maya Burman and Samir Mondal are among the few whose use transparent technique in their work.


Maya Burman’s paintings have lot of intricate details. The use of color is very subtle and it creates dream like sequences in which you envitably find yourself diving in.


Freshness ! that’s what you feel on seeing Samir Mondal’s paintings . The vibrant and the luxurious use of the rich pigments of yellow, orange, blue and black creates layers that are irresistible to feel or touch.



Having experienced the richness of Indian Art the children went on to explore Wet on Wet and Wet on Dry techniques. These are the two approaches to transparent techniques. They were quick on the uptake and took in all the tips instantly:

  1. Be quick to take color
  2. Paint from left to right
  3. Wash the brush quickly and take clean water for the brush
  4. Spread the water onto the colour downwards to obtain the transparency otherwise brush marks and patches will be seen.






“Transparent is the complete opposite of flat wash. Use more water than colour. Still there cannot be any white patches”, one of our young artist Shardul expressed.



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