Arunkumar HG | Artist-Mentor for Art1st’s Partner a Master, Delhi

Equipped with environmental concerns and manifesting the same through art and its boundless metaphorical language, students in this session, advocated the same, under the mentorship of Arunkumar HG. A noted environmental artist, Arunkumar HG took this group of students under his wings to resonate his philosophy in their minds.

Arun Kumar Web Image-01

Artist Arunkumar HG took the students through a host of global artists who dabble in a similar language to express their art. Using different medium and material, biodegradable, environment-friendly, paper pulp, waste products the manner in which the underlying cause-effect relationship looms large.

Arun Kumar Web Image-05Arun Kumar Web Image-02

To enable them to get a ground reality and first-hand experience of interacting with nature and the environment, the artist took them to Tao Devi Lala Biodiversity and Botanical Park in the heart of Gurgaon. This gave them a hands-on tryst with the idea of engaging with nature, at large.


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