Partner a Master | Artist-Mentor Arunkumar HG | Study of work

Arun Kumar Web Image-03

Bhujanalay or Earth Diner, full-grown wheat was grown on a dining table for about four months by the artist. The entire process starting with preparing the requisite soil, planting wheat, tending to it till its optimum growth was achieved.

For Arunkumar HG, it had a performative quotient to it; it was about making a reckoning of what it takes to grow and nurture something to its hilt. The inputs of labour, emotions, knowledge, suitable growing conditions and the like were invested in it.

The installation included the audio of Arunkumar HG’s grandmother singing in the background to add the element of tending to it while it was in full bloom. The audio was recorded a few years before she passed away. The song encapsulates a part of his childhood memory.


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