Kristine Michael | Artist-Mentor

Kristine Michael Web Image-01

Donning both the hat of a practicing artist and that of a teacher’s, Kristine Michael has her hands full in her inherent creative knack. Hailing from a family where her mother was an active theatre person, she is both surrounded and imbibes the ‘theatrical’ element in her way of life.

She graduated from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad with a specialization in clay work and ceramic art, centred round product design. This was followed by a string of apprenticeships in India and in the UK.

The other significant role that she strives to enact is that of an art teacher’s. She has been teaching for the last 8-10 years. The feeling of inspiring young minds channelizes the inner direction of life that she gets utmost satisfaction from.

As an artist too she is a teacher, which helps articulate her own practice. Learning is symbiotic and she picks up from her students in more ways than one. The fresh, unadulterated and innocent takes they share offer a whole new meaning to life and it’s other facets. 

It is the potency of the medium and the material that defines Kristine Michael as an artist. Clay and her engagement with its very tactile tangibility is her connecting point in the overall finesse of creation. She works with textiles, spatial and set designs but it is clay that gets her senses tickling to the hilt!

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