Nidhi Khurana | Artist-Mentor

Nidhi Khurana Web Image-01

Artist Nidhi Khurana’s contoured mappings make her artistic quest all the more nuanced and riveting. Her colourful abstract art blazes up on canvases and walls which in turn decodes the state of ‘mapping’ in her mind.

As a child, Nidhi found long stretches of time and abundance space to explore her creative pursuits. With her roots in the city of Allahabad, she has studied at the Fine Arts department at the M.S University of Baroda, National Institute of Design at Ahmedabad and School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU, New Delhi.

She has dabbled in many forms to arrive at ‘cloth’ defining the artist in her as well as her artistic sensibilities. Her practice essentially is underscoring the deep involvement with form and content. A host of colours and pieces of cloth give her the creative niche that she calls her very own. She tries as much to draw from memory and mapping through personal connections and linkages with the places, areas, domains, roads taken into visual account and hence its representations.

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