Nidhi Khurana | Artist-Mentor for Art1st’s Partner a Master, Delhi

Using colour with its myriad facets including texture, artist Nidhi Khurana weaved in a tapestry of its own in the course of the two-day session with our students. They took upon themselves the artist’s own style and practice by tapping in on the tactility and augmented engagement with ‘katran’. Katran or waste/scrap cloth, collected in prior from the tailors, forged its way in terms of material exploration for our young artists. The artist’s perusal medium is essentially picking remnants of cloth and stitching them in a manner of mental mapping and inner quests, by way of making cloth murals.

Nidhi Khurana Web Image-03

The session carved its own path marked by a burst of colour in the course of unraveling the very process. The colourful shreds of ‘katran’; were purposefully used by the students as part of the process of sticking them together, bit by bit, on to the pasting material and then with the help of a tailor, stitching the shreds of cloth. The concerted attempt was to make a pattern with conscious/unconscious choice of colours and invoking an assemblage of sorts, by way of a stitched/plastered cloth mural.

Nidhi Khurana Web Image-02Nidhi Khurana Web Image-04

The play of colours, inciting a range of moods, self-expression and discovery towards one’s inward explorations played through the session. It entailed working on one’s individual pieces through a process of self-discovery by the minute. The exercise required a lot of mental agility, for each one of the wisps of cloth needed meticulous ironing, pasting and stitching.


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