Partner a Master | Artist-Mentor Nidhi Khurana | Study of Work

Nidhi Khurana Web Image-05

This work titled ‘Lily Pond’ is very close to the artist’s heart. It was conceived in Auroville, Pondicherry as part of an academic-program building. The school has a tailoring department that became the stimulus behind this work for artist Nidhi Khurana.

This work entailed working with untrained children. The work was bringing to fruition a mural, taking cue from lily ponds. Lily ponds form part of an essential motif in Pondicherry. Every place is strewn with lily ponds. Therefore it became emblematic in terms of assuming a visual subject reference for the students. All the elements that are found in a lily pond– mud, water, frogs, dragonflies, lotus, leaves and the like were incorporated as part of the final mural.


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