Artist-Mentor Jagannath Panda | Study of Work


Through this landscape painting, depicting an overarching figure of the animal, artist-mentor Jagannath Panda’s work dabbles in urbanity and dislocation involving urban life. The imagery that he plays with in his works deal with issues of displacement, settlement and urbanization. This piece of work is titled An Urban Landscape, (2005) acrylic on canvas.

Panda extends his concerns to the natural environment and animals as well, drawing on the constant conflicts between fragile eco-systems and global commerce, nature and technology.


Jagannath Panda | Artist-Mentor

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Artist-mentor Jagannath Panda through his paintings and mixed media works brings in the quintessential dilemmas of an India that grapples with progress, modernization and globalization. He was born in 1970 in the state of Orissa. He completed his BFA in sculpture at BK College of Arts and Crafts. His MFA was in sculpture from The Royal College of Art in London.

As a child, Panda remembers drawing all the time. He had a lot of interest in mythology in his growing years, and he remembers his father narrating stories about them.

Through his personal experiences of being a migrant in a metropolis and the rapid shifts of development in New Delhi where he lives, Panda works with the visuality of daily life.

Artist-Mentor Reena Saini Kallat | Study of Work

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This work seeks to address the broader issue of migration and displacement as a hard-hitting reality across the globe. This work is Untitled, (Map/Drawing) (detail) 2011, made using electric wires and fittings along with a ten-minute audio loop. The flow and movement of people is essentially represented by the flow of electricity through the wires, which in turn make links and connections with the map in entirety.

The work makes a commentary on the division and segregation that looms large in terms of setting cultural identities for the migrants. This in turn spells immense social and economic ramifications for the world order. By delving into the flow of labour migrants across continents, the politics of colonialism and globalization can be examined and understood through her ways.

Reena Saini Kallat | Artist-Mentor

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Reena Saini Kallat was born in Delhi in 1973. She pursued painting at the J.J School of Art. Her creative practice involves painting, video, photography, sculpture and installation. She dabbles in multifarious mediums while working on a single piece!

Partition came to play a huge role that shaped her way of thinking and found expression through her works. The psychological barriers that divide places and people over the physical borders find space in her line of thought and memory; which in turn spills into her creations. She uses names of forgotten or missing persons, memorabilia, objects, and monuments to depict her artistic quest to unravel and highlight the broken linkages. Her abiding interest has been in official records of loss, which points out to a research-based practice embedded in sociological data.