Samit Das | Artist-Mentor

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Masking and multiplicity of layering are artist-mentor’s Samit Das’s points of entry with regards to his omnibus of works. Dabbling in painting, photography, drawings, collage, artists’ books and interactive art works, Samit brings to fore heightened textural experiences for the viewer, both visual and tactile.

Born in Jamshedpur in the year 1970, Samit Das studied fine arts from Kala Bhavan in Sanitiniketan. He pursued his Master’s degree from Kal Bhavan as well, after which he went on to do a post-graduate program from Camberwell College of arts London through British Council Scholarship.

As a child, artist Samit Das took to drawing in a big way. His earliest memories are using white chalk and scraps of wet cloth to draw on the floor of his house.

Samit Das’s creative focus pans various categories one of which is hinged on exploring the cityscape and urban spaces. He strives to encapsulate the ever-growing and ever-changing face of the city through his works. His works address the temporality of the city with respect to the history and evolution of the same. The lines and their strength with a way of its rawness give the onlooker as if there is more than that which meets the eye.

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