Samit Das | Art1st’s Artist-Mentor for Partner a Master, Delhi

Immersing in artist-mentor Samit Das’s philosophy, students in the sessions dabbled in creating their own individual artists’ books. Artist Samit Das’s repertoire includes his creative sensibilities in painting, drawing, photography and architectural installations.

Making way for the students in his mentorship session, artist-mentor Samit initiated the concept of an artists’ book. Invoking the essence of ‘assemblage’ in the very process of creation, Samit artists’ books themselves have been inspired from other books. His moorings towards this form of art are steeped in the intrinsic connections and linkages he draws from in the course of his evolution as an artist.

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Spilling the same underpinnings over, students in this session of Partner a Master came into their own and sculpted their artists’ books. Adding a performative cue while engaging with the inherent practice of making one such artists’ book, the students were given a freehand in terms of material and medium usage. The core intent was to create a texture of visual architectural postulation.

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An artists’ book allows the onlooker to juxtapose the past and the present through this process of assemblage. It acquires the indispensible quality of relating potent thoughts that the maker chooses to assemble. Experiences are given a new spin by way of incorporating them as rich subtexts. This textural composition paves the path for the viewer and the maker of conjuring experiences in the form of an architectural conjecture. This creative art practice opened a new world of possibilities for our young artists at play.

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