Partner a Master | Artist-Mentor Samit Das | Study of Work

Impulse Web Image-05

A relatively recent work of artist-mentor Samit Das, is steeped in exploring the nuances of temporality. The work is Untitled (2000) and has been made using mixed media on paper.

Exploring form through the creation of multiple and varied layers is the highpoint of the artist’s creative perusal. Employing urban cityscapes and architectural forms as overlapping motifs in his work, artist Samit Das weaves in a layered vantage point for the audience. The textural experience of the work evokes the senses both visually as well as presenting a tactile dimension. His works largely focus on the growth of the urban cityscape in correlation with architecture and the time metaphor. The play of lines creates an interesting arena of depth thereby pulling the eye towards greater scrutiny.


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