‘Raza’s Bindu’ makes an entry as finalist in the Printed Children’s Book of the Year Category!

Razas Bindu

The Publishing Next Industry Awards 2015 slotted to be held in Goa on the 12th of September 2015, has seen a multitude of entries for a host of categories in publishing. Making the cut as a finalist is ‘Raza’s Bindu’ which has been picked for it’s rich visual imagery and lucid approach to demystify Master Artist S.H Raza’s very own motif -the bindu. Authored by art educator Ritu Khoda and Vanita Pai, the book has garnered an overwhelming response in the genre of children’s books on art. Toying an interactive line of writing interspersed with very many engaging exercises to play with the eye and the mind, the book truly deserves a centre stage in the category!

The short lists for the various categories have been announced and are available here: http://www.publishingnext.in/shortlist2015/

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