Master Class: Exploring the Impasto technique of our Master Artists!

In this session, our mentor dwelled on teaching the impasto technique. The young minds were enlightened about the history and origin of the technique. Impasto, which is an Italian technique, is where paint is applied thickly on the surface, making the brush strokes very visible.

Paramjit-02                                                  getimage

Building the curiosity amongst the students, works of Indian Masters – Paramjit Singh and Baburao Sadwelkar were delved upon. While visually tickling their senses in the process, most of the kids harped on seeing ‘nature’! Some observed that ‘It was not only about nature but only trees, trees and water, only water and reflections’. Some kids also said that ‘they saw different seasons and times of the day in the works’.

DSC00242                                        DSC00245

An array of books were used to give the kids a better vantage point in understanding the technique. Different subjects like still life, portraits, landscapes and abstract were explored through eyes of different artists.

DSC00304               DSC00269

When they took upon the technique themselves, students came up with bountiful ideas. There were monsters, play of light using a chandelier, cats, portraits, fish-seller to buildings and reflections of architectural spaces.

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