Sharmila Samant | Artist-Mentor


Artist-mentor Sharmila Samant has been steeped in her artistic pursuits through her engagement with discourses in identity, globalisation, consumerism and the market forces. She was born in Mumbai in 1967, where she graduated in Sculpture from the J.J School of Arts. She hold a diploma in Interior Design and has been a part of very many artist residencies abroad. She is also a member of the Open Circle, that seeks to undertake and bring to the fore issues riddling the social and political scenario. She is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Art, Design and Performance at the Shiv Nadar University.

As a child, Sharmila moved from city to city and in turn many schools, so hoarding memorabilia became the order of her childhood. This she maintains has found a significant place in her art practice. Collecting and appropriating art objects from the banality of their availability gives an immense impetus to her body of work.

Through her art practices, our artist-mentor draws from her individual experience of ‘transition’ to tell her own creative story. Her works embark on an straddling both the private and the public spheres. Her works involve a multi-disciplinary take, where she incorporates photography, video and installation. Her works are a telling statement on the ‘hybridisation of culture’ and the linkage between consumerism and consumption.


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