Asim Waqif | Artist-Mentor

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Artist-mentor Asim Waqif was born in Hyderabad in the year 1978. He went on to study architecture at the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi. He has dabbled in art direction, both in films and television, he later made a number of independent videos and documentaries before taking up his art practice.

Asim uses the element of absurdity and randomness through his works, making a commentary on the fears and concerns gripping the world at present. His works combine natural building materials, new media technology and banal objects and straddles from art to design, light, sound, video and architecture in complex sculptural forms and interactive installations.

He delves into the politics of dilapidated buildings in relation to urban design, public spaces and state control. His research in vernacular systems of sustainability and ecological management combined with new technology points out to the increasing important role of creative practitioners offering solutions to current problems.


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