Master Class: Exploring the Stippling technique of our Master Artist !

What comes to your mind when you hear the word stippling? ‘Dot’ came the roaring reply from most children. So what is the stippling technique all about?

b             d

The technique does involve the dot as it’s main element but also other shapes like the square, triangle and rectangle can be used to make a stippling artwork. Paints and ink can be used to create this kind of work.

DSC00366                                        DSC00369

Pune-based artist Umakant Kanade’s works gave the children a peek into stippling works using ink. The works included minute detailing of forms using dots. A new and novel perspective on nature with well-balanced compositions astonished the audience.

DSC00383                                          DSC00384

While trying the technique at the studio, the kids used paints. They began their own individual work after a demonstration using different approaches to stippling was shown- works with very close dots, far dots, using shapes like triangles and rectangles. With some initial struggle, the kids found their way in the stippling arena!

DSC00385                    DSC00382


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