Artist-Mentor Asim Waqif | Study of Work

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HELP, Jumna’s protest was taken up by our artist-mentor in 2010-2011. Asim used this work to wage a protest on behalf of the heavily polluted river Yamuna.

The media used for this installation were plastic bottles, metal frame and LED lights. The floating installation was site-specific on the Yamuna river in Delhi between ISBT and the Metro bridges.

Artist-mentor Asim uses this work to draw focus on our cultural associations with rivers and water bodies for the longest time. The urban planning of Delhi as a city however pushes the Yamuna to its fringes. The waste, pollutants, dirt and sewage that finds place in the water today has decimated the existence of the same. The LED lights that the artist has used is an allegorical usage to bring back the river goddess, equipped with new-age technologies.


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