Master Class: Exploring the Texture technique of our Master Artists!

As soon as the children entered the class they were a little amused on seeing some things kept on their table. They had no clue of what it was and for what purpose but were so eager to explore them. These were some of the material which they were going to use to explore texture technique.

BurmanSakti21                         a

Texture! What comes in your mind when you hear this word ?

Not smooth, unevenness, floor mat, ceiling, table, bag and many more. The children were asked to think of 2-3 objects which they see at their home everyday with texture. The reply were napkin, bathroom mat, chopping tray, dustbin, wall, sofa cusion cover and many more in the list. Then we went to explore artist’s work – Sakti Burman and Douglas C.

DSC00451             DSC00460

Felt like I am in a world of dreams seeing Sakti Burman’s work, exclaimed by all. Very minute texturing on the surface and forms were exceptional. How can one deal with such intricate details in smaller areas.

After a slideshow, the children were given material to explore the texture technique. The mentor wanted to observe how one can explore these materials on their own without any demonstration. It was good to see them exploring.

DSC00444                      DSC00446

The mentor gave all a subject “ what’s is a name” to paint using various texture’s. All had to write the meaning of their name and explore it in visual form. Each name has it’s significance and importance and few has historic relevance’s too. It was a bit difficult for the children as they were transforming words in form of visuals. They all nailed it in the end and the output was spectacular.

DSC00447                                 DSC00448


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