Master Class: Exploring the Stencil technique of our Master Artists!

The technique that was initiated before our young artists in the last session was stenciling. Kids were enthralled talking about the visuals of graffiti on streets they frequented which caught their attention. One of the kids, Kshitij stated, ‘I have seen lot of designs and text on the walls near Mahim and Dadar station stretch.’

daku_time_1          daku_lpg_4

While taking them through all about stencils, our mentor introduced the different types of material that can be used to makes stencils. The key advantage of a stencil is that it can be reused to repeatedly and rapidly producing the same letters or design. The process of stenciling involves applying paint across a stencil to form an image on a surface below. Sometimes multiple layers of stencils are used on the same image to add colours or create the illusion of depth.

DSC00469                             DSC00471

After understanding the technique, the children saw street artist Daku’s artworks that depict socio-political visuals with text. The children made keen observations about the symbols with text that were used to create his stencil and transformed them onto streets.

DSC00477               DSC00474

They were confused as to how street artists manage stenciling on the streets without requisite permission! They were bewildered to know that they do it despite any authorized consent and have to be wary of policemen on the streets. This caught their attention for a long time. This was followed by making stencils and eventually seeing students crack the technique!

pragati        purva

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