Prajakta Potnis | Artist-Mentor

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Artist-mentor Prajakta Potnis was born in Thane, Maharashtra. She pursued her B.A and M.A degrees in Fine Art from the Sir J.J. School of Art in Mumbai. Through photographs, paintings, sculptures and installations, artist-mentor Prajakta Potnis endeavours to build a relationship between the public and the private space, to see how the outside is affected by the inside, and how various elements transgress finally affect an individual.

Her works bring about shifts the viewer’s ways of seeing, thereby critiques our urban existence in a powerful way. She attempts to address social and individual anxieties through the degeneration of everyday life where the space of the personal becomes a ground to play out these anxieties.

As a child, it was her drawing teacher and the space of the art room that inspired her to move towards art. The ability to say something without writing and the space to discover something new every time was what drew her to the subject and the practice.


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