Justin Ponmany | Artist-Mentor

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Artist-mentor Justin Ponmany was born in Kerala in 1974. He completed his B.A in Fine Arts from Sir J.J School of Art, Mumbai. Justin Ponmany’s work is intrinsically located in the city of Mumbai, he sees it as a work in progress- in continuous flux and always under construction.

The duality of globalization and the inexorable integration of nation-states and technologies find expression in what the artist terms as ‘plastic memory’. The metaphor of ‘plastic’ encapsulates shiny bright surfaces that define global growth, of people living amongst non bio-degradable waste, and states of the mind that are fake. He also talks about loss and temporality, and explores ideas of plasticity and elasticity of the city. His engagement with scrutiny, privacy and surveillance extends to both his paintings and the virtual world of the Internet.

As a child, the chaotic landscape of suburban Mumbai, where he grew up finds resonance in his works.


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