Art & Max: Here is a picture book that no one can ignore, be it a child or an adult, you will just love it!

Here is a picture book that no one can ignore, be it a child or an adult, you will just love it!
Art and Max is a must for all the little lads who love to play with colours. If someone ever tries to teach you the proper way to paint, you will know what to do 😉
With eye-popping illustrations, David Wiesner takes readers on a stunning journey through the art world. Art & Max is the story of two artists: Arthur, a lizard who is a meticulous painter, painting a portrait when we first meet him, and Max, who has just picked up paints and brushes and is ready to go.
What follows is a magical journey of explosive color–brilliantly highlighted by the desert background–where acrylic paints, watercolor, and line drawings, are re-interpreted and re-invented, and Arthur undergoes a Jackson Pollack-like transformation.
Combining minimal text with remarkable images, this is a book to be cherished and poured over. Every page is a visual treat that inspires the artist in all of us.10278_1109360075789157_6117086703264554113_n 994988_1109360189122479_5368209982119939664_n 1507803_1109360032455828_9077005347972229525_n 1934551_1109360112455820_6715024380106888742_n 10173769_1109360045789160_1726632606634550558_n 10371522_1109360135789151_4452320179869632793_n 10426621_1109360152455816_61820436919506922_n 10441946_1109360009122497_6811821871563252174_n


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