Here is a classic picture book for every age

The table that ran away to the woods, written by Stefan Themerson and Illustrated by Franeiszka Themerson, is the first English translation of a rediscovered children’s classic, conceived in  1930,s and first published in Polish in 1963.

The book with Collage-like illustrations, that have an old world feel to them, tells a tale of a crazy writing desk that “Grabbed two Pairs of shoes, ran down and took flight”. But a flight to where?

So the writer and his wife follow the table barefoot through the city and into the woods, where the table stops all of a sudden!

Why did it stop there?

What happens to the table next, is strange and hard to believe, yet very poetic.

The climax of the book will leave you musing for hours, because such an end is strange yet, Natural 😉



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