It’s time to sing to the clouds……….

See the sky as you never have before. This awe-inspiring narration of a cloudy day, by a little girl, introduces us to earth’s great skyscape.

My day with the clouds, written and illustrated by Hoda Hadadi, teleports you to your childhood.

The book is a lyrical and touching narration of a cloudy day through a small girl’s eyes, who wonders “the sky is so full of clouds, but why doesn’t it rain?”. When told “they have forgotten how to rain” she decides to remind them by singing to them.

She and her friend, along with her dolls sit and sing while her mom knits her jacket out of the yarn made from the clouds, which lingered near the window.

While dancing to their tune the clouds gave them a surprise, more beautiful than rain…..

What is the surprise……..? Discover it in this book, along with the dreamy illustrations.


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