Our Friends the Ogres

Ogres are still alive and living amongst us!!!!!!!!!

Hard to believe????


Then just do not take my word for it, find it out for yourself, in this Marvelous, imaginative and Metaphoric story, written and illustrated by “K. G Subramanyan”


Once upon a time Ogres were people like us…… We all know Shrek,

Then where did they go????

Well they are with us, Belching smoke and Blackening the Skies, and we all love them.

Because they boost our economy and make us prosperous, even though they blacken our faces with their smoke, we want them.

We called the Staplers and got them stapled to the grounds as Factories…….

Find out how? When? And Who? Did this, in this book.

With Bold and monochromatic illustrations, this story skillfully critiques our modern day society and will make children yearn for a better future.


Gopa Trivedi

Artist Mentor


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