Reminiscing Raza …..

“To me, Bindu is still Centre, a source of energy. It is the beginning and the end. One never knows how and when something you learnt in the past will return to renew you and give you new direction.”

S.H Raza

raza bindu final

Can you imagine making a child understand such profound thoughts about life?

Well the answer is Yes……

It is difficult to translate and explain what an artist like Raza has expressed through his works, but none the less writers Ritu Khoda and Vanita Pai have taken up this challenge in their book “Raza’s Bindu”.


New Doc 59_2New Doc 59_4

“Raza’s Bindu” takes children on a retrospective journey of one of India’s most treasured and revered artist S.H Raza. The book helps one understand and discover the inspirations and aspirations of Raza, through painterly and interactive illustrations.

This book is a perfect mix of an interactive workbook and a Picture book, which introduces the complex concepts of Panchatatva, Bindu, Colour theory in a comprehensive and engaging manner.

Raza’s Bindu will surely strike a cord with anyone who loves stories and loves to read.

New Doc 59_5

–  A Review by Gopa Trivedi

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