First session of Partner a Master 2016 commences…….

It was the  first day of our Partner a Master : Artist Mentor Program…….
The session was held at  our mentor Puneet Kaushik’s Studio.
Puneet Kaushik
Puneet Kaushik is a Delhi based artist. His works are  depictions of aesthetic and material cracks underlying the visible reality of urban life. They are abstract,  neo-expressionist, collages of kaleidoscopic materials and techniques – wire mesh, paint, sewing , embroidery, tufting , line drawings and organic dyes that bring to the surface  histories of tension that exist just beneath the  ordinariness of everyday lived humanity.  Through  his work, he captures the spirit of human fragility and the ability to transcend it.
Find out more about him by clicking on the link below:
True to his work and personality, Puneet’s studio in itself is a work of art.
There could be no better place than this for our first session.
The studio makes you feel as if you are walking amidst a life long installation…..where even a rag kept in a corner has a story to tell.
The session began with Puneet asking the children
What Art meant to them?
To which we heard a lot of interesting answers…. For some, it was about aesthetics, to another art means to be free, for some a personal expression……and so on.
Students seemed drained after a long day……….. yes, a long day indeed!
Anyone would be coming straight after giving an exam. But our mentor soon lightened them up with some refreshments and a presentation introducing the students to his works, students were very intrigued by the choice of his medium. One could see the  expressions change as the slides moved……
After the presentation, they moved on to doing some charcoal sketches, one defining what they are and the other what they are not…..
It was full of excitement as they all were asked to read each other’s work…. and they didn’t leave a chance to poke each other.
After the expert comments by the students, the mentor asked them to cut one square out of each work  and interchange them…….
The works are still under process, stay tuned to know more, tomorrow…


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