5″X8″ Less can be More………..

The sessions with the Artist Mentor Puneet Kaushik concluded on 10th September 2016. It was a long journey for our students, to reach their goal of making a 5″X8″ work ,they have surely learnt how “Lesser and lesser can be More and More”

As everyone entered the studio, they  unfolded the canvases that they had been asked to paint on and fold the previous day.

The excitement was similar to tasting a cake that has been baked for hours.  All their canvases had been folded and kept all night long, and now it was time to see what was there.

One by one everyone opened their canvases and then sat to work a little on them. Within 20 min. almost everyone was done.

But knowing the mentor, all the students speculated there must be something more to it, but much to their surprise ,  Puneet said there was nothing more to be done on the canvas, as they were complete.

Hmmmmm Now! what does that mean?

Students worked for 10-12 hours on a work and then the mentor asked them to cut it, whereas this canvas was just 20min. of work….. and it was complete?

Looking at all the students faces it seemed our Mentor owed them an explanation. Instead , he asked them to first cut the previous work and finish that as well.

Once everyone was done, Puneet had a discussion with them and explained how it is important to know how, to edit once work. A work cannot be judged on the basis of the amount of time spent on it, instead one should look at the visual content. It is important to let go and learn to deduct all that is extra, in order to be precise.


Later he concluded the session by making them listen to a talk by Marina Abramović on art and artist.

We thank our Mentor for giving us his valuable time and hope these sessions were a great learning experience for our students.


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