How far are you willing to go for your Granny’s Soup?????

Taking inspiration from Little Red Riding Hood, with a pinch of humor. This book “CARMINE: A LITTLE MORE RED” written and illustrated by- “Melissa Sweet” has great illustrations that have also used a play of words, which is good for students who are just learning to read, but is also relatable because most young children have heard the story of Little Red Riding Hood.


The story is about Carmine who is a painter, Rufus (her dog), her Granny and a Wolf who is more than just a villain; he’s a dad with a hungry brood to feed.

Carmine loves painting and is always in search of just the right colour (especially anything in the red family) to add to her paintings. So when she and her dog Rufus set off on their bike to Granny’s, she is too easily lured by a lovely meadow full of poppies. And, as she gets engrossed, in making a painting to gift her granny, she is too oblivious to the dangers lurking along the path.

While carmine is at work, will the wolf, harm her?

Will she be able to reach her granny?

Find out in this tale of a passionate young painter……


Ps: Also find the secret recipe of “Granny’s Alphabet Soup” 





Artist Mentor

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