Vincent….. This world was never meant for One as beautiful as you..

Camille and the Sunflowers” is a very well written and illustrated book by “Laurence Anholt”. Based on the story of the real relationship between Camille and his family and the painter Vincent Van Gogh, this beautiful book would serve as an excellent introduction to the life and art of Vincent.

Camille was the son of the postman in a little town in the south of France. The book narrates the remarkable story of how he got to know Vincent, and how he hand his family tried to help this penniless and lonely man.

Camille gave Vincent a huge bunch of flowers to decorate his home and the two of them went out into the countryside to finds scenes for Vincent to paint.

Camille saw the beauty and wonder in Vincent’s art and it hurt him to discover that the other villagers did not appreciate Vincent’s talent and did not like having him live in their village.

The author’s art work remind us of Vincent himself and he includes reproductions of some of Vincent’s most well-known paintings including portraits of Camille and his family, and the remarkable picture of a bunch of sunflowers in a brown jug.


Even though there is a sad element to this story, the author did an excellent job of making it suitable even for small children, and sparks their interest in learning more about his life and works.


Gopa Trivedi

Artist Mentor


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