Truly a Magical Garden:)

Laurence Anholt, author of “The Magical Garden of Claude Monet, is a british writer and illustrator. This story is about a young girl Julie that lives in Paris, but always seeks country life. Her mother takes her to Giverny, Claude Monet’s house and gardens, where she befriends Claude Monet himself. This book gives students the opportunity to gain perspective on this famous place. It gives children the opportunity to travel to a place far away that they may not otherwise ever experience. They are also able to learn about Claude Monet’s paintings as well as view them throughout the story.

Anholt does a magnificent job weaving Monet’s painting into the story and illustrations. The use of color in the illustration is quite eye-catching too!

This book is intended for all children. In addition to offering children a look at Giverny in Paris, they are able to study Monet’s art. They are also able to learn more about Monet from the short biography at the back of the book.

It is a must for all the little creative beings 🙂


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