For the love of Drawing

The boy who drew cats is a story of Akiro, a young Japanese boy, who drew only cats… Cats, cats and more cats! No matter what he was asked to do, all he did was draw cats everywhere. All he wanted was to draw a “Perfect Cat”.

And this artistic tendency led to an adventure, an adventure that would change his life. Based on a legend about a fifteenth-century Japanese artist, an unusual rags-to-riches tale about a bright and obedient child, obsessed with drawing cats. Whose master (a priest) commands him to seek his place in the world as an artist; the boy wanders to an empty temple where he quickly again begins new cat paintings……… what happens next is unfathomable…… Do you think he made his “Perfect cat”?

Find out by going on an inspiring journey to Japan in this folktale retold by Anushka Ravishankar with breath taking illustrations in the Japanese style by Christine Kastl in water colours and ink.


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