Tushar Joag at TEDx on the 31st of March in 2017, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Itinerary new.jpg

Chinmaya International Residential School (CIRS


Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

on the 31st of March in 2017.

Everyone in Coimbatore, look out for the Ted Talk by eminent Artist Tushar Joag on 31st March.

Tushar Joag has been associated with Art1st as an advisor since many years. He is a Delhi-based artist, academician, and activist who injects himself and his ideas into the public realm before creating works that are celebrated in a gallery context both in India and abroad. Joag studied at the Sir JJ School of Art and was a founder member of the artist initiative Open Circle, which existed between 1998-2000. This idea of community building has remained with the artist and he creates ironic works which help viewers re-think the constraints of the world around them, and call attention to problems that they might not have known existed.

He is currently an Associate Professor, in the Department of Art Design and Performing Arts,
School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Shiv Nadar University, Greater Noida. He has also been visiting faculty at the Kamal Raheja Vidya Nidhi Institute of Architecture, Bombay as well as at the Faculty of Fine Art, M.S. University, Baroda.

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