Art Workshop with Hearing Impaired children at AURED, Mumbai

A long awaited day had finally arrived – a workshop with Hearing Impaired Children at AURED, Mumbai.

The children were lot excited seeing so many paints and a huge paper surface to paint on. Each children were given Tennis Ball and bowl of paints. They had to dip the ball in paint and bounce it on paper



Each children were sceptical towards the start but started enjoying later. It was interesting to observe them picking up ball, dipping it in paint and let the ball bounce on paper without worrying about their hands and clothes. Communication and instruction step by step was very important with these children. Each child tried dipping in different colour balls and creating the uneven mark on paper.


After lot of rounds then the children were explained about rolling the ball on surface. Children started rolling the balls and passing to their friends on the opposite sides.


Lot of children enjoyed rolling and some bouncing. Children continued this till the whole paper was filled with colours.

Then the children were taught to sprinkle, and everyone did that on paper.

The children were asked to form a circle around the paper, asked which were the different techniques they learnt – bouncing, rolling and sprinkling. Each children were asked to say the name with action. Everyone did it well.


Which is your favourite colour on this paper ? Each child said the name and identified it on paper.

A book ‘ Colour Puzzles’ was shown where each children were asked to identify colours. Each children could identify it well.

An interesting story on colour from the book ‘ The Colour Thief ’ by Gabriel Alborozo was read to all.


The most interesting things we saw was that the older children were taking care of the younger by helping them to understand how to do, cleaning their hands to removing apron.


-Priyam Mehta, Artist Mentor, Education


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