Has a dream spoken to you?

FArTHER by Grahame Baker-Smith is a story of a surreal dream of flying illustrated through surreal visuals. The story of a father, his son, and a dream to fly. The father is possessed with an unrelenting desire to fly which he never achieves. When the father goes off to war and doesn’t return………………..


“ I will always remember the day he left- Khaki against the Scarlet Poppies”. But the dream of flying passes on to his son.

A lot is left unsaid in the text and communicated purely through visuals. The words are beautifully woven into the pictures using different fonts and text sizes. The pictures themselves are intricate and detailed images put together in a unique way using photographs and illustration which in themselves tell a story. The images compel you to make up a little more of the story in your head.

A multi-layered, magical Picture book that soars high and draws you into a world of impossible dreams is a must have for all those who dare to dream impossible.


Artist mentor



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