Art1st at IADEA’s Art Educators Conference


The Art1st Team ended their work-week at IADEA’s super-fun two-day Art and Design Educators Conference. Perhaps, one of the first of it’s kind, the Conference saw Art Educators from schools across India, as well as several Art Education enthusiasts. The programme included talks by several prominent faces in the field, including, Deborah Thiagarajan of DakshinaChitra and Himanshu from the Dharavi Art Room, and Art Educators who are Artists too, like Harry Hancock, Dr. Manjiri Thakoor and Nilanjana Nandi.

Our very own Vanita Pai led the room down a walk through the history of Modern Art in India. Originally part of the award-winning publication ‘Eye Spy Indian Art‘, this designer art game contain fragments of history in the form of famous artworks, headlines and dates. The participants are given a chance to contemplate these historical fragments before they are asked to put together their own version of a timeline.

Hosted in the beautiful Piramal Museum of Art, each table was deemed a group, and with the roles reversed, the erstwhile teachers had a chance to be students again. The room was engulfed in noise, activity and colour! We watched as individuals who’d never met before, came together to agree upon one plan of action. Some focused on the division between political, cultural and art histories while others juxtaposed these timelines and created patterns that broke from linearity. The session ended with very exciting picture taking.

The Conference was beautifully organized and the schedule ran on an impeccable timing (Thank you Sara Vetteh!) Each table was provided with brand-new art supplies, and each lecturer made sure to pepper their talks with activities. This kept everyone in the room involved in the proceedings. As the first of its kind, the conference was a great start and we hope to see many more participants as well as involved speakers with each passing year.


Writer at Art1st
#bestWorkdayEver #ArtThroughTheDay

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