Online Curated Art Show

Celebrating voices of children

Teachers, students, and Art1st Mentors in the Art1st Art Education Program all look forward to the end of the year curated show. It is a celebration and culmination of the work produced through the year in the classroom. Art1st Artist Mentors, Art Teachers, Principals, and the entire school look forward to showcasing the student’s creative thinking and learning processes and art work at this exhibition. This year we are curating works of over 1200 students, with 16 schools, Pan-India. Uplifting and inspirational, this show is possible with the incredibly positive responses, engagement, and participation of Educators, Principals, and Founders from the schools that we work with.

The initiative behind the End of Year Curated show is to provide a platform of expression and empowerment for students to share their artworks and the creative thinking and learning that informed their process, as well as to share and track their growth. In schools that have worked with us from Grades 1 to 5, we track the student’s development in creative and critical thinking, year on year, through their Art portfolios.

Our goals for the end of the year Curated Show are as follows:

 A. To create a platform for the voices of children to express and share their creative and learning journeys
B. Making thinking visible
C. Sharing stories, experiences, and artwork with the schools and parent community
D. Celebrate the children and their artwork
E. Document the creating and learning process

Pre-Covid, the Show was hosted in the school spaces by each participating school. Parents, family, and friends were all invited as the students walked them through their artworks, introducing the themes of the show and their processes. This empowered the students to respond to questions from the visitors as well as allowing them to reflect on their learning.

This year, the end of year Curated Show is going online with a series of planned online webinars on ZOOM for each school, while the goal remains the same, we have adapted the format to the online space keeping the focus on the children and their artwork. These sessions are secure and safe spaces for children, parents, and teachers to engage and celebrate. We hope to see you online, in due time!


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